Yay for collaboration!

Wow!  These students sure know how to work together.  It is amazing how their thinking can really grow and be inspired by other learners.  This week we worked on building mission statements to reflect how we want to be treated inside of the classroom.  Most students agreed that the best way to learn is to work together in a group. Take a look at some of our creations and connections this week!

Our first week of school!

These past few days have been filled with excitement as we have gotten to know one another in the classroom.  Many parents may ask... "Why do you spend so much time building relationships? Shouldn't you be doing 'core work?'"  Well the answer to this is simple, without a strong bond or a feeling of community many students find it hard to want to make the right choices.  At this age, young children really need to feel like they belong and have a place in the classroom.  When they don't they often shut down and it becomes harder for them to learn.  Additionally, having strong relationships means that there is a level of trust.  When you can trust your environment you will try things you have never thought about trying before.  All in all, building a community makes us stronger learners.  Most importantly, it helps me understand your students! When I know what they like and not like than I can tailer my instruction to make them more engaged.  

What a fun year we are going to have.